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Set design rendering by Alley Theatre Director of Design, Michael Locher.

“An Inimitable Storyteller”

Dickens’s style was defined by witty dialogue, detailed descriptions, caricature-like villains, and critiques of the treatment of those in poverty.

At a time when explanations of current events were often available only to the wealthy, he wrote both to entertain his audience and help them understand the issues that

would impact their lives. He

often drew from his own

experiences—for example,

David Copperfield was


and he sometimes based

characters on real people.

His international fame was

unexpected, but has been

impressively consistent for

  over 150 years.  Check out

   the links below to learn

     about his larger-than-life


Dickens reading to an American audience, sketched by C. A. Barry.

Charles Dickens at a reading in New York

Charles Dickens reading in New York

Dickens as a performer

English actor Simon Callow talks about the writer’s unique performances and his resulting fame.

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