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Episode 1: Hamburger Blues

Act 1 Synopsis


Our story begins in Oskar's bedroom just before school. He is fumbling on his computer, trying to "live stream" on WhoTube. He has dreams of becoming a popular social media “Influencer.”  We learn that the winner of his school’s Show and Tell competition will get a shout out on the school's social media page. That’s a big deal because Oskar wants to increase his social media presence and boost his WhoTube followers.

Boy is he prepared to win this year! He’s worked really hard to create the most spectacular Show and Tell presentation ever!  His presentation is sure to impress everyone. But Oskar has forgotten one very important fact—school is online now.

This presents a huge problem and Oskar is very worried he won’t win.  Despite being worried, Oskar vows to rise to the occasion and heads into his virtual online class. 

Before you watch Episode 1:


  • Watch for a scene between Oskar and his mother. Listen to it very carefully. She tells him he has to learn something. What does Oskar need to learn?                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Think about how school was last year and how it is this year. What do you miss the most about how school used to be? What do you like the most about how school is now?                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Oskar, the main character, wants to be an Influencer. Do you know what the word Influencer means? If no, see if you can infer the meaning while watching the video. 

technology vocabulary:

1.Connection  2.Password  3.Internet            4.Microphone  5.Live Stream  6.Camera        7.Privacy  8.Followers  9.On-line  10.Social media


After you watch Episode 1: ELAR Sentence STEMS


  •  My favorite part of this story was when Oskar________________________________________ because  ___________________________________________________________________________________.

  •  What surprised me about this story was ___________________________________________ because ___________________________________________________________________________________. 

  •  When Oskar felt _______________________ I understood him because__________________________  __________________________________________________________________________________ .

  •  In my opinion, this story is really_________________________________________________________   because____________________________________________________________________________.

  •  I can infer that Influencer means___________________________________________________because ___________________________________________________________________________________.

  • Oskar had to learn to___________________________________________________________________ because_____________________________________________________________________________.

  • I like Oskar because __________________________________________________________________.

Watch Episode 2

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Watch Episode 3

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