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Episode 3: Lost in Cyberspace

Before you watch Episode 3:


  • What did Oskar do at the end of Episode 2? Why?


  • Can you think of a time when you felt like you had no influence over what is happening to you? How does that make you feel?  

  • Do you sometimes feel like Oskar or did you relate more to one of his friends?

  • Mrs. Crunch felt __________________ when Oskar showed up late to class. But she used the power of  __________________________ and she felt better. My teacher gets frustrated too but then he/she ________________________________________ and feels better.

  • Beth felt_________________________ when she had to do her Show and Tell online. But then she used the power of  ___________and she felt better.

  • Frank felt ___________________________________to share his presentation too.  Next, he used the power of ______________and he felt better.

Synopsis Act 3

In the final Episode, Oskar is all alone in his room. He shut down the school’s internet.


But then . . . he tries to log in to watch cat videos, play video games, and watch WhoTube. It is only then that he makes a very tough discovery—he has shut down the internet all over the world!


Psychic chaos ensues as Oskar is forced to grapple with the outcome of his own actions. 


Never worry, as usual in every Oskar show, the beloved dream sequence, ensues. Oskar must look inward at his own feelings. With a little help from the audience, Oskar becomes aware of the coping strategies he needs to manage through his difficulties. 


In the end, being woke, Oskar learns that his classmates and teachers have a very special gift for him. And the day ends with everyone receiving exactly what they need to cope in these very difficult times.


After you watch Episode 3: ELAR Sentence STEMS


  1. Oskar mistakenly shuts down the internet for _________________________________and that means he can’t ___________________, _________________________and ______________________________. 

  2. I think that was a __________ idea because _______________________________________________.

  3. In Oskar’s dream we first learn that he is also feeling the emotion _____ just like ___________________.  And he is also feeling _____________________________________ just like _____________________.

  4. Next, he is also feeling ____________________________ exactly like___________________________.

  5. When I am _____________ I can use the power of __________________________________________.

  6. I can use the power of ________________________________to cheer myself up when I am _________.

  7. Like Frank, I can use the power of _______________________ when I am scared. 

  8. Sometimes I feel that no one pays attention to what I need and then I feel _________________________, just like Oskar.  

  9. But now I have learned to ___________, __________and ___________ instead of doing something that will hurt me and those around me.

  10. Watching Oskar has taught me that _______________________________________________________.

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