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Vietgone interactive map

Explore the Journey 

Click on the image below to experience the epic travels of Vietgone's main characters in our interactive Google Map.

What's the Story?

It’s 1975. Saigon has fallen. Quang lost his wife. Tong lost her fiancé. But now in America, a strange new land of cowboys, hippies, and bikers, these two Vietnamese refugees just might find each other. Playwright Qui Nguyen serves up hip-hop, sass, and revolution to tell his own parents' (mostly) true love story.

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Meet the Characters


A helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. Adventurous, charming, rugged.


A Vietnamese refugee. Strong-willed, effortlessly sexy, and fiercely independent.


Tong's mother. Outspoken, surprisingly flirtatious, unpredictable.


Quang's bestfriend. Boisterous, loyal, a bit girl-crazy.


American soldier. Naïve, earnest, sweet.

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