Lizan Mitchel


“But somethin’ in me knew what I was made of. I was gonna survive because I had to.”

Skeleton Crew is set at that Height of the Great Recession. Each character in the play is faced with an uncertain economic future. Their choices are guided by their convictions.

  • What rules do you think are okay to break in order to get by? 

  • What rules would you follow, no matter what economic issues you faced?   

“If it’s one thing I know, it’s how to rise the hell up.” - Faye


The character Faye has overcome hardship after hardship throughout her life.


  • Do remember a time when you had to rise up? 

  • What-or who-helped you? 

That concept of rising up through hard work alone dates back to 1890.

However, studies show that not everyone starts on the same line in the race to the top. Look at the illustration to the side. 

  • Does this concept affect your life?

  • How? Why?

equality vs justice.jpg