Use Your Voice

From Africa to the Bronx

Hip-Hop History

Think about this:

What is your ancestral legacy?

"My great granddaddy couldn’t write his own name, but everybody knows his story in my family. Oral tradition is in the DNA of our people."

–Professor Black, Syncing Ink

A look at hip hop’s origins from West African storytellers to Black churches

West African griots, oral history, and stories with discussion questions for students


"A term from the Great Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin. There’s no way you can describe its meaning. It’s like saying 'Life and Death are born on the tongue.' See, behind every power."

–Professor Black, Syncing Ink

Ase & Yoruba Spirituality

A brief overview of the Ifá faith and the importance of Ase

Brought over on slave ships and hidden in Christianity, what does the Ifá faith look like in America?

The role of ancestors, nature, and music in the Ifá faith

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