Hip-Hop History

From Africa to the Bronx

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Hip-Hop History

"I once read that the origins of Hip Hop started in the Bronx in New York. That the Bronx was burning and everything was in Chaos. Out of the chaos, this beautiful thing called Hip Hop came through."

–Gordon, Syncing Ink

Hip hop is born at a party in the Bronx when DJ Kool Herc extends an instrumental break to allow people to dance longer.

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The early years — from creation to worldwide phenomenon

The Hip-Hop Years

Think about this:

Do words have history?

"Knowing the tongues that have wiggled way back when helps you navigate the present with past participles of principle."

–Mr. Wright, Syncing Ink

How did we get from small parties in the Bronx to today’s multimillion-dollar industry?

The invention of the scratch, the first commercial rap record, and other important moments in hip-hop history

Listen to Kurtis Blow and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore discuss hip hop’s humble beginnings and how to preserve the art form.

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