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Skeleton Crew HTC 3-18  122.JPG

Toccarra Cash, Patricia R. Floyd, and Jonathan Louis Dent in the Huntington Theatre Company's production of Skeleton Crew, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian, playing March 2 - 31, 2018, South End / Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA. © Photo: T. Charles Erickson.



Alley’s Mainstage Access Program (MAP)


Combining our efforts as artists and educators, we aim to help young people grow—as students, as artistic thinkers, and as whole human beings – by exploring and understanding the complex world around them and creating relevant connections between themselves and new ideas.


Live theatre transports us somewhere beyond our own experiences and can offer a safe place to turn a critical eye on difficult themes. 


For some, theatre…

  • Is a practice in Social Emotional Learning and empathy;

  • Is a mirror that validates their own trials and helps them frame the right questions;

  • Has the power to encourage critical thinking and start conversations that relate back to your teaching goals and speak directly to how we make sense of a complex society.


This production aligns with the following high school TEKS, to help you plan rigorous curriculum that meets state standards. 

Explore more about this opportunity for your students:

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