Take a Bow


Now that you've seen the show, let's unpack the experience!


Classroom Activity:

See, Think, Wonder...

Objective: Students gain a deeper understanding of the play while learing to evaluate a work of art on a deeper level.


  1. Click on this link to access some HQ photos from the production.

  2. Pick an image and explore it with this exercise. Focusing on the plot, how does the image bring up thematic responses or questions about the play? Use the images to think about it on a deeper level.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 2.52.59 PM.png

Classroom Activity:

What do you think now?


Think back to our two questions from earlier:


  1. Are there differences between what you think is right and what society thinks is right?

  2. Do you follow the rules or do you break the rules?


Stop and Jot:

  1. In what ways were the Dashwood sisters limited by their society? How did that affect the choices they could make?

  2. What are the consequences for breaking the rules in a very strict society?

  3. Put yourself in Marianne or Eleanor’s shoes. What would you do if you were in their situation? Would it be worth potential consequences?

Classroom Activity:

Write a Review

Now that you have some tools for analyzing a work of art, we want to hear what you thought.

Here are some guidelines on how to write a review.