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Quixot Nuevo
Quixote Nuevo

Staging the Impossible Dream

The Story

"There's something for everybody in this play."

-KJ Sanchez

Quixote Nuevo is a modern reimagining of the classic tale, Don Quixote. It follows the story of José Quijano, a once-brilliant literature professor grappling with dementia, who assumes the mantle of the great knight Don Quixote. Ignoring the pleas of his family to snap back to reality, "Quixote" embarks on a quest to find his lost love: Dulcinea.

The Playwright

Octavio Solis is one of the most prominent Latino playwrights in America and has crafted more than twenty plays that showcase the Mexican-American experience. He was a cultural consultant on Disney’s “Coco” and has recently published an acclaimed memoir, Retablos, about his life on the border.

The Director

KJ Sanchez is a Texas-based and nationally recognized director, playwright, professor, and actress. She's also the CEO of American Records. KJ Sanchez has led the all-Latino cast of Quixote Nuevo from the original staging for California Shakespeare Theatre to Hartford Stage in Connecticut, the Huntington Theatre Company in Boston, and finally to Houston’s own Alley Theatre.

The Star

Emilio Delgado solidified his place in the hearts of viewers nationwide during his long tenure as Luis on Sesame Street. Not only was he the first human character, but he was also on the show for almost half a century (44 years, from 1971-2015). That’s the longest any Mexican-American actor has been cast in an ongoing television series. His established career on screen is accompanied by decades on stage, from Los Angeles to New York and in between.

Delgado has been with Quixote Nuevo from the beginning. Starring as the titular character, José Quijano, he helped bring the show to life for its world debut at the California Shakespeare Theatre in 2018 to rave reviews. He is reprising his role for the co-production of the show with the Alley Theatre, the Hartford Stage, and the Huntington Theatre Company. 

The Audience

That's you! 

We're happy to have you with us, whether it's your first time seeing a play or you've been coming to A Christmas Carol since you were seven. 


Watch the video for some great advice on playing your part, courtesy of Resident Acting Company Members Elizabeth Bunch and Dylan Godwin.

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