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Teachers - Scroll with Shakespeare


Printer, paper, word processing program, masking tape, ruler/straight edge, scissors, pen or pencil, scotch tape, highlighter, two wooden dowels (1/2 in diameter, 9" long). Dowels can be found at a hardware store or purchased on Amazon or If you can't get ahold of any dowels, you can use new, unsharpened pencils instead.


High School ELA & Theatre Arts professional development. This course will teach you how to make a Cue Scroll, just as an Elizabethan actor would have used four hundred years ago on The Globe Stage.


As you will discover, this technique is a powerful tool that can inspire young performers to get on their feet right away and not waste time wrestling with and turning pages on a stapled script.

How to Format a Cue Script

This video uses Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 2 as an example. But you may choose any scene you like. Here is a link to a comprehensive online archive of all of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets: Shakespeare Folio Archives

How to Assemble a Cue Script

Once your script is assembled, stay tuned for information on how to interpret Shakespeare's punctuation and find clues that can help us speak the text confidently and with purpose.