Parent Handbook 
Summer 2021

"I could witness some transformations even in the short 2 weeks such as

them being less inhibited when on stage." 






Advanced Play Makers

Coming Soon! A list of the books we'll be using to help craft Play Makers


Camper Check List


  • Pre-filled reusable water bottle

  • 2 snacks and lunch

  • Appropriate clothes and shoes

  • Face mask

  • Any necessary medication

  • A great attitude!



  • Complete all camper forms online prior to Day 1

  • Review Parent Handbook

  • Drop off and Pick up arrangements

  • Plan to attend Open Workshop on Day 5

Food: Please pack two snacks and a well-balanced lunch for your child. Great snacks for camp include granola bars, fruit, yogurt, crackers, and cheese. Please include any necessary utensils. Microwaves and refrigerators are not available, be sure to pack their meals in a thermos or include an ice pack.

Pre-filled Reusable water bottle: Make sure it is labeled with the campers' name.

Clothes: Campers should wear clothes that will let them move easily and comfortably. Skirts are welcome as long as leggings or bike shorts are worn underneath. 

Shoes: Campers should wear closed-toe shoes. No flip-flops or sandals.

Face mask: Face masks will be required all day. One mask will be provided on Day 1 to each camper.  

DO NOT bring tablets or other electronic devices.



Drop-off and Pick-up will take place in the Alley Theatre's "Alley Way," with an entrance from Texas Street between Smith Street and Louisiana Street (download or see map below).

AM Extended Care drop-off begins at 8:00 AM

Regular drop-off begins at 8:45 AM


On Day 1 we will confirm that we have all completed online forms. Click the button below to fill out a form for each camper. 


A Play Makers Associate will conduct a verbal screening to check for symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, chills, headache, loss of taste or smell. They will also conduct a touch-free temperature check as the camper walks out of the car. If your child has a temperature of 99 degrees or higher, they will be sent home. Please keep in mind there are no refunds if the child is sent home due to illness.

Once cleared, a Play Makers Associate will escort your child to and from your vehicle. Parents are to remain in their vehicles.

Regular pick-up begins at 3:00 PM

PM Extended Care pick-up ends at 5:00 PM

At the end of the regular day, A Play Makers Associate will come to your car to check you in for pick-up. We will be asking for identification from you, so please have that ready. Campers will be escorted to your car. If you arrive after 3:25 PM you will need to text 530-710-8375 or the number posted on the door. We strongly encourage picking up your child on time. If you know you are running late, you have the option of adding à la carte extended care at $10 per shift.

We encourage all parents to wear a face covering during arrival and departure.


Extended Care is available mornings, afternoons, or both with your camp registration. If you only need occasional care, before or after care can be purchased à la carte at $10 per shift. If you would like to purchase an Extended Care package or single sessions a-la-carte, please contact the Camp Administrator.

AM Extended Care takes place from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM 
PM Extended Care takes place from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Late Arrivals: For safety reasons, we lock our doors at 9:00 a.m. and being late may cause your child to miss our important group warm up time. Due to limited staffing and COVID safety protocols, a parent or guardian will need to wait with the camper until a Play Makers Associate can let them in. If you arrive late, please text 
530-710-8375 or the number posted on the door and a Camp Administrator will be with you ASAP.

Attendance and Early Dismissal: We understand that emergencies happen and when they do, we strongly encourage parents to report all absences and early dismissal notifications to the Camp Coordinator prior to 9:00 AM. You can call, text, or notify us when you drop off your camper. A Play Makers Associate will escort your child to the pick up area at the appropriate time. 

Medication may be kept at camp. Campers must be able to administer any type of medication unless it is an emergency such as an allergic reaction. Parents can also arrange for someone to come to the camp site to administer the medication. Any necessary medication must be listed on your camper forms.

Illness: We want your child to have fun with us every day, but please keep your child home and notify the Camp Administrator if your child has been sick with any of the following within the las 24 hours: vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, eye infection or pink eye, ear ache, fever, persistent cough, runny nose, head lice, or any other contagious illness not mentioned. 

Camp Staff are FIRST AID/CPR/AED Certified.


Alley Theatre Play Makers Camp generally follows HISD's determinations for closing due to weather. In the event that we need to close for a full day or part of the day because of bad weather or emergency conditions, the Camp Administrator will make the official decision concerning the closing of the facilities and notify parents immediately. If it becomes necessary to release campers early, you will receive an email and/or text notification.

Please do not bring your children in if you feel it is unsafe to get to camp.

Play Makers21.jpg

Please review the camp map for specific campsite drop off and pick up procedures and take a look at the sample schedule to get an idea of your camper's day at Play Makers.

Play Makers 21 sample day.jpg
Play Makers Camp Map.jpg

Each Alley Theatre Play Makers session culminates in a joyous, celebratory demonstration of learning for parents and friends. Logistics for a creative, fun, and safe OW are still being determined. Stay tuned for more information about what to expect on the last day of camp coming soon to this handbook and your email inbox.

Open Workshop Dates
Session A: June 18th
Session B: June 25th
Session C: July 2nd


We have set up a Google Voice number to answer all of your camp related questions. Feel free to call or text us during the camp session. 

Elena Valladolid-Rivera
Sales & Marketing Associate


Web: alleytheatre.org/playmakers
Facebook: @AlleyPlayMakers
Instagram: @AlleyPlayMakers