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Before & After

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Discuss these questions with your students before and after watching Oskar's Not So Simple Comeback to review key points of the play. 


  1. What is different about coming to school in-person after learning remotely during COVID? (You can think of both positive and negative things.)

  2. Have you ever had a hard time doing something you thought would be easy? How did you respond to the challenge? 

  3. Think of a few things you’re good at. Were you born with these skills, or did you learn them? Did they come easily to you at first? 

  4. Think of a few other things that you struggle with. Do you think you will always be bad at these things, or can you learn to improve?

  5. What do you do when something seems too hard for you? 

  6. Have you ever felt like you were falling behind in school? 

  7. How can you help a friend who is struggling? 


  1. How did Oskar feel when he couldn’t do what was asked of him in his classes? 

  2. What made it hard for Oskar to ask for help? 

  3. How did Oskar expect others to react if he admitted that he was experiencing a setback? Was this different from their actual reaction? 

  4. What did the Anxious Aardvark want Oskar to do? What did the Dude want him to do instead? 

  5. When did Oskar regain confidence in his Brain Ball skills? 

  6. Have you ever known you needed support, but did not want to ask for it? 

  7. Name one emotion that Oskar experienced and give an example of when you’ve felt the same emotion. 

  8. Have you ever had your own comeback from a tough time, like Oskar? 

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