Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash!

Sequencing Map

Use this synopsis of Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash! to review key points of the play with your students. Then, lead them through sequencing activities and creating frozen pictures to see if they can remember the order of key events.

Oskar Makes an Entrance

Ten-year-old Oskar owns the best orange cowboy hat in the whole, wide world! In Orange Hat, Texas, Oskar’s hometown, everything is one color . . . ORANGE!


Billy Moves to Town

Suddenly, Billy moves to town wearing a big, blue cowboy hat. Oskar can’t believe what Billy is wearing on his head. They try to play together, but Oskar just can’t accept Billy’s Blue Hat.


Oskar and Billy Hit the Hay

Before bed, Oskar’s mother reminds him that the first annual You’re the Best of the Best Contest is coming up at the end of the week.  At his house, Billy tries to figure out how well he fits in.  He goes to sleep thinking all will turn out well.


Doubting Donkey Visits Billy's Dream

Billy has a strange dream!  Doubting Donkey shows up and warns Billy that Oskar might not be his friend because Oskar doesn't like Blue Hats. 

Oskar's Theme Song


Lunchtime Madness

The next day, Oskar and Billy meet at the school cafeteria. The lunch lady only serves them orange food. Billy questions the variety of food on the menu.


Luckily, Billy’s mom has packed him a lunch of his favorite blue foods. When Billy offers to share with Oskar, Oskar calls the blue food disgusting. A food fight breaks out! To Oskar, this means war, but Billy still just thinks they’re just playing.


Rumble at Recess

Time for recess! Oskar picks teams for basketball. Billy really wants to be on his team. Oskar refuses to pick him because of stereotypes he’s heard about Blue Hats.


Oskar and Billy Go One-on-One

To please Oskar, Billy challenges him to a one-on-one basketball game. Oskar tricks Billy into thinking his shoe is untied. While Billy is distracted, Oskar goes for a slam dunk and wins. 


Then Art Class Escapades

Oskar and Billy go to art class. The Art Teacher tells them that red, yellow, and blue are primary colors. Oskar thinks orange is a primary color too. The Art Teacher mixes red and yellow to make orange for Oskar.


Oskar and Billy paint self-portraits. Billy’s portrait is amazing! Jealous of Billy, Oskar destroys his portrait by painting an orange hat on it.


Bedtime — Big Dreams of Winning

Before bed, Oskar tells us he’s going to win the contest tomorrow.  


Doubting Donkey returns to tell Billy that he must put on an orange hat if he wants to win the contest. Afraid he will be seen as a loser again, Billy puts on an orange hat.

"I once saw people in blue hats on television, and they couldn't jump at all — it's because the color blue weighs six times as much as the color orange."



The First Annual Best of the Best Contest

The Host selects Billy to be Oskar’s teammate. Oskar decides it is okay to team up with Billy now that he wears an orange hat.


The Host says there will be three challenges.



First up is a cooking challenge. Oskar and Billy begin to make a salad using only orange ingredients. The Host reminds them variety is important.


Oskar and Billy put a yellow banana in their orange salad at the last minute. This creates variety. They get to move on to the next challenge.

"One of the main things we're looking for is a balance of flavors. Different kinds of ingredients create variety."   –Host

The Three-Point Challenge

Next up is a three-point basketball challenge. Unfortunately, Orange Hats only know how to dunk. Oskar remembers Blue Hats know how to make three-point shots. Oskar asks Billy to shoot the ball as a Blue Hat.


It’s a Dinosaur with an Octopus on Its Head!

For the final challenge, Oskar and Billy must paint a new school mascot. They paint the color orange. The Host is not impressed.


Oskar asks Billy to add variety to the painting as a Blue Hat. The two paint an amazing mascot and become tied for first place.


The Dance Off

The tie is settled with a dance off. Oskar and Billy win by being themselves and dancing in their own unique styles.


Geraldine Glides In

Oskar and Billy declare each other the Best of the Best of friends! Suddenly, a girl in a green hat enters. What will they do?

"I'm still super awesome — but you're awesome too, in your own different and non-stereotypical way. And we need that. To win!"   –Oskar

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