Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash!

Before and After Questions

Discuss these questions with your students before and after watching Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash! to review key points of the play.

Before Questions

  1. Look at a map. Where do your parents come from? What about your grandparents?

  2. How are you the same as your classmates? How are you different from your classmates?

  3. What is it like to feel different from someone else?

  4. Are you afraid of things that are new to you or different?

  5. When was the last time you experienced something new? How did it feel?

  6. What does it mean to doubt yourself?

  7. Can you list foods from different cultures that you like?

  8. How do you choose teammates for your favorite game?

  9. Is it okay to judge someone by the way they look?

  10. Is it okay to judge someone from a different culture?


After Questions

  1. At the beginning of the play, why is Oskar afraid of Billy Blue Hat?

  2. At the beginning of the play, what do you think Billy Blue Hat wants?

  3. Doubting Donkey comes to Billy in a dream. What is Doubting Donkey trying to tell him?

  4. Have you ever felt like Billy Blue Hat?

  5. What does Billy Blue Hat do to fit in?

  6. To win the contest, what does Oskar need to do?

  7. Have you ever had to work as a team with someone different than you?

  8. Do you think Oskar and Billy are more alike than different?


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