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Post-Show Questions

  1. What is an epiphany? Write about a moment where you had an "Ah-ha moment" about your own behavior and changed how you approached your life because of it.                                                                        

  2. What parts of the play did you enjoy and why? Try to think about all the aspects of production. Think about all the jobs such as lighting, scriptwriting, editing, costumes, make-up, amongst a few. Why do you think you like that particular job?                                                                                                                                                   

  3. Think about how would you have performed one of the roles. Make a list of what draws you to that character. How are you like the character and how are you different?


  4. What role did Marley’s ghost play in Scrooge’s transformation? Would the three spirits of past, present, and future have had the same impact on Scrooge without Marley’s appearance?

  5. Make a list of Scrooge’s experiences as a child and a young man. Analyze these life events, and determine how they have affected his behavior and attitude in the present.

  6. Explore Charles Dickens’ life. He was influenced by his lack of faith in the government. List and discuss socio-economic factors that may have influenced A Christmas Carol.

Backgrounds by T. Charles Erickson, Mike McCormick and Jann Whaley.

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