Post-Show Questions

  1. The director of this production has talked about trying to create the dream world of Scrooge’s mind. What techniques were used in the production to suggest a dream world? Do you think the director has succeeded? Why or why not?

  2. What parts of the play did you enjoy and why? What are some specific lines you enjoyed?

  3. How would you have performed one of the roles? What draws you to that character?


  4. What role did Marley’s ghost play in Scrooge’s transformation? Would the three spirits of past, present and future have had the same impact on Scrooge without Marley’s appearance?

  5. Make a list of Scrooge’s experiences as a child and a young man. Analyze these life events, and determine how they have affected his behavior and attitude in the present.

  6. Dickens’ work was influenced largely by his lack of faith in the government. Discuss socio-economic factors that may have influenced A Christmas Carol.

  7. Certain actors play multiple characters in the show. For example, the actor who plays Bert, the food vendor, also plays the Spirit of Christmas Present. In the show, some pairs of characters are also made to resemble each other, like the costume of the Spirit of Christmas Past that resembles the doll vendor’s doll. Why might the writer or director have made this choice? What extra meaning does it bring to the characters?

  8. What is an epiphany? Describe other characters from literature who have had epiphanies like Scrooge.

Backgrounds by T. Charles Erickson, Mike McCormick and Jann Whaley.

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