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Oskar's Big Bully Battle

Sequencing Map

Use this synopsis of Oskar's Big Bully Battle to review key points of the play with your students. Then, lead them through sequencing activities and creating frozen pictures to see if they can remember the order of key events.


Oskar Steps In

Ten-year-old Oskar loves his shoes! He writes a song for them. He wishes they would come to life to dance with him. In Oskar's mind, his shoes belong in a museum of GREATNESS! 


The Big Misunderstanding

Frank pretends to be a fire truck. As he drives by Oskar, 

Frank accidentally steps on Oskar's shoe.


The Wrong Reaction

Oskar begins to plot his revenge. He then has a vision of his mom.

She asks Oskar to think about his actions. But Oskar does not listen.


The Bullying Begins

At school, Oskar knocks Frank down. Frank scrapes his knee and 

creates a dramatic scene. The teacher comes over to see what is wrong.

Oskar lies to keep out of trouble.


A Week of Bullying

Oskar continues to plot his revenge for next week. On Monday, Oskar smacks Frank. Tuesday, Oskar makes fun of Frank's hair. And the bullying continues until Friday. Thinking something is up, the teacher suggests the two boys hang out after school.


An Attempt at Reconciliation

That weekend, Oskar has a playdate at Frank's house. Frank picks raspberries to earn money. He is saving up to buy a Super Duper Deluxe and Special Magic Blue Box. With Oskar's help, Frank picks enough berries to buy the toy.


The Tables Are Turned

Next week at school, Beth bullies Frank. Oskar is horrified, but he does not stand up to her. Finally, Beth smashes Frank's Blue Box!


How Would You Like It?

Oskar has another vision of his mom. She blames him for Frank's smashed Blue Box. To show Oskar that bullying hurts, she brings on a menacing kid. The kid treats Oskar like Oskar treated Frank. Oskar does not like being bullied. 


A Chance to Learn

All of a sudden Oskar and Frank are on a game show. The host asks them questions about bullying. Oskar learns that if you see someone being bullied you should do something about it.


Oskar's Good Judgement Wins Out

Oskar tries to get Beth to apologize to Frank. She won’t.

Oskar threatens to tell the teacher. But Beth says

she learned everything about bullying from watching him. 

It's Oskar's fault that Beth bullied Frank.


Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Oskar goes to pick raspberries with Frank. Frank is saving

up to replace the Blue Box that Beth smashed. Oskar is torn.

He is scared of the consequences. But Oskar knows he

should own up to bullying Frank.


Oskar Steps Up

Oskar decides to tell the truth. He tells the teacher that

he and Beth bullied Frank. Oskar and Beth are sent to the principal.


The Sorry Scene

Oskar and Beth apologize to Frank for their actions. Frank also apologizes to Oskar for stepping on his shoe. Everyone takes responsibility for their actions.


A New Box

Oskar and Beth repair Frank's broken Blue Box. They take it to Frank's house. Frank is picking raspberries to earn money for the new Super Duper Deluxe and Special Magic Yellow Box! Oskar and Beth decide to help Frank out.

Oskar loves his shoes. When Frank steps on them, Oskar has a dramatic, opera-worthy response.

Oskar becomes an UPstander when he tells the teacher about Frank being bullied. Watch Chris Colfer explain what an UPstander is.

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