Misa Fronteriza

Cada frontera tiene dos historias.There are two sides to every border.

Actor & Musician bios


  • Professor of Elementary Education.

  • Degree in Arts from the University of Nuevo León.

  • Degree in Arts Education from the National Institute of Fine Arts.

  • Master’s in Ethnic Studies from the Michoacan School.

  • Doctorate in Arts and Humanities from the Zacatecas University.

  • Returned to perform in Misa Fronteriza in 2012.

  • Has participated in numerous festivals, including Theatre Festival Nuevo León, 42nd International Festival Cervantino and Festival Fira Tárrega in Spain.

  • Degree in Drama from the University of Arts and Philosophy.

  • Has participated as actor, director, dramaturge and choreographer in over 100 national and international festivals.

  • Currently he is a professor at the Arts School.  He has taught courses at the University of Monterrey and at the School of Music and Dance of Monterrey.



  • The brothers have over a decade of professionally playing folkloric regional music from the Northern part of Mexico.

  • They have taught private music classes to children and adults.

  • They produce, direct and arrange musical performances.

  • They are the first deaf musicians to work in Novenastudio where they are recording an album with invited artists such as Tony Hernandez, Jose Luis Yala and other well-known singers.

  • In 2016 they represented Mexico and Nuevo Leon in the Fira Tárrega Festival in Spain and the Festival Iberoamericano of Bogota, Colombia.

  • They have presented their “Northern Jazz” music concept in England and in various parts of Nuevo Leon


  • Professor at the University of Nuevo Leon.

  • He studied at the Drama Centre of London and has a doctorate in Performance Studies from the University of New York.

  • Has participated in international festivals in Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Germany, UK, Spain and the United States.

  • He has written a book called One Hundred and Fifty Years of Theatre. 

  • He is currently doing research for another book: The Artist as Repertoire – Between Academics and Artistic.

  • Founding member of Grupo Universiteatro. 

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