72 Miles To Go...

72 miles. It’s the distance between Tucson, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico—and the distance between deported immigrant Anita and her American-born husband and children. 72 Miles to Go… follows one family over a decade as they come of age, fall in love, fight in wars, and fight for each other, against the backdrop of deportation, DACA, and changing immigration laws. 

In Their Shoes:


Today, my friends, we find ourselves thinking only of the future, our dreams, the road ahead and the childhoods we are leaving behind...



Real people. Real issues.

Explore the character's journey through real-world examples.

My Dream


Shifting Roles

What is the American Dream to you?

What career would you choose if you couldn't afford a four-year college education?

What family role could you fill if you had to? Can you cook, get a job, do laundry, pay bills, etc?

Civil discourse can pave the way to understanding. Use the prompts below to start a discussion.

First Generation Americans explore the meaning of the American Dream.

Children of deported parents also bear a financial burden to support each other.


First Gen

When parents are deported, older siblings take up the mantle of caretaker for the family.

The American Dream- the hope for a better life- is not limited by immigration status.

Immigrant families are woven into the fabric of US life- with dreams, trials, and successes.


The Dream


Classroom Activity

Let's explore.

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