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Meet the Family: Alley Theatre

Meet the playwright, follow the play's journey, and learn about the cast and characters of 72 miles to go...

Hilary Bettis, Playwright

"Dignity is everywhere. In the dirtiest, rawest of places, there is depth and beauty and humanity. There are lost souls desperate for and worthy of a voice. And they should be the ones on our stages and screens, not those who already have the microphone."

- Hilary Bettis

From writing captivating characters and storylines for film and television, to delving into complex relationships of everyday people brought to life on stage, award-winning writer Hilary Bettis has quickly become a force in the entertainment industry. She hails from a Chicana mother who grew up on the border and a Southern father who grew up Methodist. Her work is a culmination of these cultures, exploring the American identity through a rural Latinx lens.

Watch the video to learn more about Hilary and why she wrote 72 miles to go...


José Zayas, Director

"There isn’t a gesture or dance step wasted under José Zayas’ direction." -DC Theatre Scene, Chronicle of a Death Foretold 

José Zayas has directed over 100 productions in New York, regionally and internationally. Born in Puerto Rico, he graduated from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon Universities.

José also directed the workshop production of 72 miles to go... in the Alley All New Festival. He has worked with playwright Hilary Bettis on other projects, including Queen of Basel. 

In addition to directing plays around the country, José Zayas is the Resident Director at Repertorio Español.

The Cast and Characters of 72 miles to go...

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

+Member of the Alley Theatre's Resident Acting Company

See the Scenic Crew in Action

From New to Now

Did you know that most plays have a long and winding road before they reach the stage on opening night? Even plays that are considered masterpieces, such as Angels in America, had a long and tricky road.


72 miles to go… has traveled its own unique journey as a new play. Here is the story how it came home to the state where it began. 

72 Miles_play journey combined.png

Every time you step into the theatre, you become an important part of the story. 

Your Part in the Play

We're happy to have you with us, whether it's your first time seeing a play or you've been coming to A Christmas Carol since you were seven. 


Watch the video for some great advice on playing your part, courtesy of Resident Acting Company Members Elizabeth Bunch and Dylan Godwin.


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